Along Hornická cycle trail through Rosice and Oslavany regions

Route tracking:

Oslavany - Zbýšov - Babice u Rosic - Zastávka - Chroustovské údolí - Říčky - Javůrek - Domašov - Rudka - Litostrov - Zbraslav - Příbram na Moravě - Vysoké Popovice - Lukovany - Ketkovice - Oslavany


From a magical valley of the river Oslava to the Bílý potok (White brook) through former Rosice-Oslavany coal mining region to see mining landmarks.

Route parameters:

Route difficulty: Turista
Length: 56 km
Choosing the right bicycle: Horské
Tourist area: Brno a okolí
Maximum / minimum altitude: m.s.l. / m.s.l.
Total elevation: m
Total of vertical meters ascended: m


This circular trail, marked with red stripe marks, takes us to remarkable landmarks of former Rosice-Oslavany coal mining region. Coal mining activities in Oslavany started before 1755. In the north part of the region, coal mining started only several years later, but the real heyday of coal mining in the region dates to the 19th century. Coal was mined there until 1991 and today the region offers a wide range of technical as well as cultural monuments and experiences.


You can reach the Hornická cycle trail from Oslavany railway station. Alternatively, you may choose to start in railway stations in Zastávka u Brna or Velké Popovice. A mining tower with extensive tailing heaps of a coal mine called Kukla raising above Oslavany is the most spectacular right from the railway station. Great views of the tailings are also from the hill next to the church of St Michael, next to which you can look at mining disasters memorials. Do not miss a Renaissance chateau with arcades and a mining, power industry, and fire brigade technology exhibition, which enhance your impression from this former industrial and power supply centre for the city of Brno.


After you look around the town you leave for the town of Zbýšov, where, just before the entry to the town, you may take a turn to a well preserved mining tower of the mine Simson (inaccessible for public). In hot weather you may cool down in a newly reconstructed swimming park with a slide. However, the greatest attraction of Zbýšov is a museum of industrial railways, which is located next to the road towards Babice. Opening hours and possible ride in historic narrow gauge mining and industrial trains can be checked in advance on The museum is to be found on the premises of the former mine Jindřich II., once the deepest coal mine in Central Europe ( 1550 m), which can be identified thanks to its mining tower visible form a distance.


Along the next road you will get to the village of Babice u Rosic with a chapel of St. Anthony of Padua at the village square. Turn left and ride on the forest road along the former rail siding to the town of Zastávka. Roughly a half way you ride past one of the most significant mines – Ferdinand. After having refreshments in Zastávka, do not forget to take a small detour through the town of Rosice. The local trail will show you the chateau with Renaissance arcades, Holy Trinity chapel, Beekeeping museum (on appointment in advance), and historical pillory.


You leave Rosice towards Litostrov, but after 2 km turn right to a small road to a picturesque Chroustov valley. The asphalt road ends at a solitary house at the confluence of brooks and the marking will offer a steep, but only 1 km long, uphill to the village of Říčky. From Říčky you may cut your trip short along a cycle trail to the village of Domašov or follow the markings further. Then, there is a downhill to Bahňák Lake. Swimming is possible, a refreshment booth is open in high season. After passing under a motorway you climb to the village of Javůrek and after further 2 km you reach Domašov.


Then the trail runs through the valley mostly along tertiary roads up and down through villages and towns of Rudka, Litostrov, Zbraslav, Příbram na Moravě to Vysoké Popovice and Lukovany. In Příbram do not miss a modern chapel of St. Florián a St. Anna, whose shape reminds that of a Noah’s ark. There is also a small chapel of St. Florian at the uphill when leaving the village. You may end your trip here at the railway stop in Vysoké Popovice. The trail runs through the upper part of the village of Lukavany.


A remarkable Romanesque church of St. Wenceslas is located in the lower part f the village. A harder part of the trail comes past the village. First you ride steep downhill on a field road towards the forest and then a steep uphill and a field road to the village of Ketkovice. Behind the village you continue on a forest road, asphalted in its upper part, packed dirt in its lower part. Be careful in the steep downhill. You will be rewarded with a safe arrival to the trail destination – the town of Oslavany.


Recommended points of interest:

Oslavany: chateau, mining tower of Kukla mine, view from St. Michael church

Zbýšov: mining tower of Simson mine, Museum of industrial railways, swimming park

Rosice: chateau, Holy Trinity chapel, beekeeping museum

Říčky: Bahňák lake

Příbram na Moravě: St. Florian chapel and St. Anna chapel

Lukovany: St. Václav church