Nature Cycle Trail Across Bobrava Nature Park

Route tracking:

Brno-Poříčí (Brno-Staré Brno) – Brno-Komárov – confluence of rivers – Modřice – Želešice – Bobrava valley – Radostice – Střelice – Ostopovice – Brno-Starý Lískovec – Brno-Kamenný vrch – Brno-Nový Lískovec - Brno-Riviéra (Pisárky) – Brno-Poříčí (Brno-Staré Brno)


The nature cycle trail across the Bobrava Nature Park is a cycling circuit across the forested southern surroundings of Brno. Its first part runs through the nature park along the stream Bobrava, while its second part involves the passage across the peripheral parts of the city of Brno along cycle paths of the spinal cycle trail No.1. The natural part of the circuit mostly leads along rural roads and brings you to highly attractive natural sites of the nature park where you will find information boards. However, the quality of roads in the river valley depends on the time of year. The part of the circuit that uses roads runs along roads with different density of traffic and on cycle paths along the Svratka River that usually represent the safest way for cycling through the city of Brno.

Route parameters:

Route difficulty: Rodina s dětmi
Length: 43,1 km
Choosing the right bicycle: Krosové
Tourist area: Brno a okolí
Maximum / minimum altitude: m.s.l. / m.s.l.
Total elevation: m
Total of vertical meters ascended: m


The core of this cycling circuit represents the way across the Bobrava Nature Park that extends along the valley of the meandering river Bobrava with riparian vegetation, meadows, wetlands and the surrounding mixed forests that are rich in species, with preserved remnants of autochthonous beech and hornbeam stands. Visitors will have nice views of meadows in the river floodplain with several old mills. It is surprising to find such a piece of harmonious landscape, only little affected by adverse influences of civilization, so close to the centre of the hectic agglomeration. Significant locations along the trail are equipped with nature trail information boards to acquaint visitors with the cultural and natural values of particular places and the landscape.


A good starting point is the cycle path leading through Brno along the river Svratka from Pisárky to Komárov. From the city centre you can run on near the hall Rondo at Nové Sady. Continue along the left river bank downstream towards Komárov and to the hypermarket Tesco (Shopping City South), there cross the river to its right bank and follow the cycle path leading along the right bank of the river Svratka down to the confluence with the river Svitava in Přízřenice. This is now a major cycling junction, situated closely to the sports and shopping complex Olympia.

The cycle path crosses the field along Stará řeka (abandoned meander of the river Svratka) down to the turnoff to the road Chrlice - Modřice (picnic site). Here, we set off to the right and ride to the town of Modřice. The earliest mention of the town dates back to 1141. There used to be a castle, later a bishop court, where bishops from Olomouc often resided. The originally a Romanesque church of St. Gotthard was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1723 - 1726. We pass Modřice along rural roads heading from the south, thus avoiding having to cross a busy bypass road, run along the road  along the railway track, then along a rural road and a narrow path till we reach the river Bobrava close to its confluence with the river Svratka behind the Modřice industrial zone. 



The initial stretch of several kilometres along Bobrava is rather sporty, the trail leads along a forest road frequently used by horses and gradually takes us to Želešice. Here we just cross the main road below the church and continue following the street leading along the river, where we join the course of the blue-marked tourist path leading along the entire valley of the river Bobrava up to the mill near Radostice.


At the beginning of the narrow valley of the stream Bobrava we pass a large quarry. Beyond the bridge begins an idyllic voyage through forests and meadows along the stream, passing several mills and cottages. All the way up to the mill Radostický mlýn we ride along the left river bank following the blue-marked tourist path. After 4 km, near one of the mills, we cross the road Ořechov – Nebovidy. Turn right, ride along the road towards Nebovidy and after about 100 m turn left – still following the mark. After the mill Spálený mlýn awaits us the most natural and most romantic stretch of the valley, where we ride solely through meadows along a narrow beaten pathway. The valley here follows a large river bend, creating a forgotten corner of a beautiful countryside. However after the rain, this stretch is very sloughy. At the mill Radostický mlýn this section leading along forest roads ends and from here you ride solely on paved asphalt surfaces again.


As we come to the village of Radostice, turn right along the tertiary road – still heading up the valley of the river Bobrava. Before the railway viaduct we pass by the natural monument Střelická bažinka (wetland with protected amphibians). At the road junction we turn right and slightly ascend to Střelice. In the village we turn left at the church and at the end of the village – before the climbing – turn right towards Ostopovice. Along a nice, not busy tertiary road with a view of Brno and the church in Troubsko, we come to Ostopovice. There is already a public traffic terminal. We continue along a busier road to the old part of Starý Lískovec. Transit through the edge of Starý Lískovec leads along a busier road, therefore after underpassing the sally-road to Jihlava, our route separates from the road and leads towards the settlement Kamenný Vrch across the sports and recreation area Pod plachtami to join again on the street named Petra Křivky, where is already a marked lane for cyclists. The final downhill drive from Kamenný vrch leads along subsidiary roads in Nový Lískovec and after we cross the main Rybnická street, it leads along an asphalt road to the valley of the stream Čertík and to the river Svratka next to Riviéra, where we join the cycle path leading along the river Svratka back to Staré Brno.


We recommend visiting:

Brno-Komárov: St. Giles church

Confluence of rivers: entertainment and sports centre Olympia

Střelice swamp: natural habitat of amphibians

Radostice: Gothic church of St. Simon and Jude

Brno-Kamenný vrch hill: nature reserve with occurrence of Greater pasque-flower

Brno-Pisárky: Brno City Museum – pavilion Anthropos; Riviéra recreation and swimming area